Mamajee's Kitchen

Indian Cooking from Three Continents
Lella S. Umedaly and Muneera U. Spence

Mamajee's Kitchen

Lella Umedaly was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1930 to parents with ancestry in India. They practiced the Ismaili Moslem faith, a sect of the Shia Moslem faith. When Lella told her father as a young girl that she wanted to be a pilot, her father told her that she would be piloting her pots and pans in the kitchen. Indeed she did.

Eventually Lella moved to Uganda in East Africa where she married, had five children, became a Montessori schoolteacher and a businesswoman. She educated over 2,000 children in her career. Lella and her family were expelled from Uganda by the infamous Idi Amin in 1972 as part of the expulsion of over 80,000 people of Indian ancestry and came to Canada as a refugee. This cookbook was born as her children and her children's children, missing her special brand of fresh and quick Indian cooking, would call with questions such as "How do you make curries brown?"

Mamajee's Kitchen is a fusion of the tastes and influences of three continents. The foundation was laid in India with elements added in Africa and final touches that come from Canada. Each continent influenced the ingredients, taste, appearance, aroma and texture of the dishes. From India come the bright, deep flavours, the striking colours and the delightful aromas that float from the kitchen when dishes are being prepared. The recipes in Mamajee's Kitchen are often variations on the traditional, taking advantage of shortcuts in preparation, low fat alternative ingredients and shorter cooking times in the interest of providing healthy and tasty alternatives.

The book begins with Mamajee's Spice Cupboard which sets out the list of necessary spices, where to find them and how to prepare them so they are easy to access. Additional sections include Appetizers, Meat/Poultry Dishes, Seafood/Fish Dishes, Vegetable Dishes, Rice, Breads, Pickles, Chutneys, Desserts, Drinks with a glossary and index.

Lella Umedaly currently lives in North Vancouver, BC.

Muneera U. Spence
Co-writer/ Art Director/Spice cupboard photographer

Muneera graduated with her MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University and has taught at the university level for 18 years. She is now an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Oregon State University. Her research encompasses curricular issues in education and collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching methodologies while her professional work in Graphic Design constitutes a wide range of projects. Muneera's personal work includes painting, photography, and mixed media, exploring issues pertaining to the family in a multi-cultural context.

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  Paperback, 8.5 x 8.5, 188 pp, full colour
ISBN 1-59971-026-9
UP Umedaly Publishing May 2006