Mamajees’ Kitchen
Over 200 recipies and a book with a story

Reader’s comments

“We just got back from a week at a cottage in Long Point.  It was just beautiful.  And so is your mom's cookbook!!!!!!!!!   WOW!!!  What great pictures...  The book is done with a lot of class.  Gorgeous presentation.”

-- Michelle

“The format is a brilliant and creative idea – nothing less than I would expect from the Keshavjee clan. The book, including the stories, is a perfect tool for creatively passing on Ismaili cultural heritage to the next generation.  I am definitely planning to give out copies.”

-- nizar

“After a week, we finally had the chance to not only brief through the book but also try some dishes. Impressive, Impressive, Impressive is the 'word'. The layout, colors, family pictures, easy to read and understand glossary of ingredients and pictures to match were outstanding.  I am simply amazed at your family's ( mom & sister's) tenacity to undertake this long and arduous task of documenting every recipe from scratch. I cannot say enough about your mom and moreover coming from a fellow Indian who understands what Indian cooking is all about. We cooked the prawn curry and chicken tikka last week and it turned out excellent. The ingredients were fairly basic and the process quick and simple. Your mom has indeed cut down on the cooking time as she relates to early in her book. The choice of recipes under the various categories was spot on. Unlike other recipe books that focus on a broad spectrum, these recipes were a crisp representation of the daily fare I grew up with, Sunday specials and special occasions.”

-- Lynette

“What a lovely (delicious) surprise to find your mother’s cookbook in my mailbox!  Our mouths are watering just reading the recipes, which I shall try out at once by the way.  In addition to being a remarkable cook your mother is a most remarkable person – but you know that of course.  I am touched that you thought of us, especially so as this is a very personal part of your family”

-- Kathleen

“I made the chicken curry the other night and it was delicious!!  Kathleen is really enjoying the cookbook!  She's already read all your Mother's anecdotes and is so interested in your Mother's life's history.  I told her that I feel so privileged to have met her and that she is indeed a unique person.  I know how proud you must be of her with all the things she had accomplished in her life and certainly yours.”

-- Marie

“I love Indian food, and cook it often. I tried two recipes, and they worked beautifully.”

-- Neil

“I tried several vegetarian recipes, and they were delicious. This book is so good.”

-- Mayumi

 “I love the idea of a book that also has memories. Food is part of life, so why not have the stories behind the food?”

-- Enrique

“This book has shortcuts that might unnerve those who want real Indian food. I tried the dhal recipe.  I've been cooking for 35 years, and it was the best dhal I have ever, ever, made.”

-- Rafique

“I received the cook book and I really like it - it is so beautifully compiled with taste and style. I am so proud of your mom and your family being able to create such a valuable and gifted legacy...”

-- Yali

“Thanks so much for the incredible cookbook!  It is truly a labor of love. Your mother must be commended for her efforts. I especially enjoyed the narrative and the pics!”

-- Audrey

“I have been browsing through the book and it is so beautiful, I love the way the family pictures and stories are intertwined. It gives it such a personal touch. I will try the recipes at my next dinner/event.”

-- Safia

“The book is great, well presented and very interesting with the depiction of her life. Good to see all the photos!”

-- Naseem

“Lella, you should be very proud...congratulations on a wonderful achievement”

-- Khanum

“Your book took the mystery out of Indian cooking and now I can cook this cuisine easily. Just made 250 samosas for a birthday party! Your recipes are simple to follow and taste delicious, reminds me of eating Indian food in Kenya. Thanks so much.”

-- James

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